Catherine Gaudet

Tout ce qui va revient

© Brianna Lombardo

  • A solitary figure. Three faces.
    An attempt.
    Between reality and fantasy.
    Between the troubled passed and the nebulous present.
    Between a nightmare and a gentle dream.
    Being with you is the most beautiful thing.
    Being with you is a supplication.
    Because being alone with myself is an everyday torture.

    Tout ce qui va revient is an amalgam of three solos, performed by a formidable trio of women: Louise Bédard, Sarah Dell’Ava and Clara Furey. The solos were created in the span of a year, for three separate events with no formal connection. Beyond that, though, Catherine Gaudet could see a common thread, and that’s why she’s brought them together to share the same stage.

  • No upcoming dates.

    • Choreography Catherine Gaudet

    • In collaboration with the performers Louise Bédard + Sarah Dell'Ava + Clara Furey

    • Solo by Sarah Dell'Ava, created as part of a master’s thesis in dance by Christine Charles: «Les modalités expressives et fonctionnelles du regard du danseur au sein de trois processus de création chorégraphique contemporaine» Département de danse de l'UQAM, 2014

    • Rehearsal director at the time of creation Christine Charles

    • Solo by Clara Furey, created as part of Cabaret Gravel Usine C, 2015

    • Artistic direction Frédérick Gravel

    • Solo by Louise Bédard created in the context of the Pluton project 2015

    • Coproduction La 2e Porte à Gauche + Danse-Cité + Agora de la danse

    • Original idea and artistic direction Katya Montaignac

    • Choreography Catherine Gaudet

    • Performer Louise Bédard

    • Music Tomas Furey

    • Lighting Frédérick Gravel, assisted by Caroline Nadeau

    • Support Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec + Conseil des arts du Canada + Conseil des arts de Montréal