Amélie Rajotte

The Squirrel and the Mirror

  • Length: 35 minutes

    The Squirrel and the Mirror is a symbolist piece, tinged with absurd humour. In a minimal setting, composed of only a few objects, the show oscillates between the tragic beauty of an Italian opera and the cynicism of a disaffected clown. The performers offer both energetic and lethargic movement. An atmosphere of dead silence, disturbing clamour, strange laughter and bizarre rituals initiated by engorged or empty bodies. A feeling of dread evoking the limits of life. Survival instinct, being in the moment, resistance, abandon…

  • No upcoming dates.

    • Creation and performance Amélie Rajotte

    • Advisor and Rehearsal mistress Catherine Tardif

    • Lighting design Paul Chambers

    • Sound design Émilie Bernard

    • Support Centre de création O Vertigo + Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique + Tangente


      Special thanks to Jessica Serli + Mathilde Addy-Laird