Amélie Rajotte

Tenir debout

  • Tenir debout is a darkly humourous work featuring four women who share a living room space-cum -cabaret. The performers embody four female clichés, and each in her own way lives for others. They ultimately free themselves from this servitude to approach a common centre. The thrust of their movements aborted, their bodies unstable, they crumble and regain their footing in a constant search for balance.

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    • Choreography Amélie Rajotte

    • Performers Marie-Ève Demers + Marianne Gignac-Girard + Erika Morin + Jessica Serli

    • Lighting Stéphane Ménigot

    • Sound design Émilie Bernard / Je Thème

    • Musical excerpts The Sound of Sea Animals + Beach House + Leslie Gore + Colleen

    • Rehearsal directors Annie Gagnon + Marc Boivin