Caroline Laurin-Beaucage

Marquer le temps

  • From November 16th to January 3rd.

    An installation combining photos and recorded sound, Marquer le temps captures the journey taken by the dance project Habiter sa mémoire. The project featured the choreographer/dancer performing in public spaces within an unenclosed cube that served as both dance lab and performance venue. Under the gaze of passersby, she danced for more than 195 hours outdoors in her open-air box and dictated copious oral notes to leave a record of her impressions.

    The installation brings together a vast array of moments from the dancer’s experience both in and around her travelling box. Displaying 650 photographs taken during her solo performances, it is accompanied by an up-close and personal soundtrack featuring the artist narrating her meanderings.

    The installation presents the inner and outer workings of the artist’s journey by revealing in fragmentary form her memories of this unique pilgrimage. Displaying her mental and physical impressions of the project as well as photos of her in the outdoor settings visited by her and the cube, it catches the wandering gazes of passing spectators, whether they be attentive or distracted, present or absent. A prolongation, in a sense, of the bliss experienced by the dancer during the work itself, Marquer le temps is the culmination of a significant journey and an homage to the people, motions, and places that mark us in both body and mind and in the end become part of our very selves.

    In collaboration with HUB studio, la Place des Arts, Danse Danse and the Goethe-Institut Montréal.

  • No upcoming dates.

    • Artistic direction Caroline Laurin-Beaucage and Mylène Chabrol/HUB Studio

    • Photos Ginelle Chagnon, Robert Dubé (photographer), Caroline Desilets (photographer), Odile Gamache, Zoya Lynch (photographer), Martin Messier, Kathrin Ollroge (photographer), David Wong (photographer), Hub studio

    • Installation conception and design Mylène Chabrol, Audrey-Anne Whittom et Thomas Payette | HUB studio

    • Sound design Larsen Lupin

    • Lighting Gonzalo Soldi | HUB studio

    • Curator Ariane Plante

    • Photos: graphic design Barbara Therrien

    • Photos: post-production Caroline Desilets

    • Production manager Dominique Bouchard

    • Technical director Samuel Thériault

    • Producer Lorganisme