Amélie Rajotte

La possibilité d’une tragédie

  • La possibilité d’une tragédie is a dance and sound work with an oasis of vegetation at its heart. This living installation and the dancers’ actions stimulate the spectators’senses of sight, hearing, and smell. The sound, generated by electric frequencies emitted by the plants and by the human bodies manipulating them, is transfigured during the performance, as is the landscape of the installation. Through the medium of the garden, the piece evokes the now harmonious, now chaotic relationship between human beings and their environment –a fragile, porous relationship of mutual adaptation and transformation which is gradually revealed by the bodies of the performers. In the end, the plant world becomes an extension of their desires and emotions, like an ideal that threatens to crumble at any moment.

  • No upcoming dates.

    • Artistic direction and choreographer Amélie Rajotte

    • Artistic director and sound performer Nelly-Ève Rajotte

    • Performer Angie Cheng

    • Intern performer Marie-Philippe Santerre

    • Lighting designer Alexandre Pilon-Guay

    • Horticulture advisor Jasmine Kabuya Racine

    • Sound advisor David Kristian

    • Technical director Bureau de prod_Mélanie Primeau