Catherine Gaudet

Je suis un autre

  • Length: 65 minutes

    Je suis un autre/I Am Someone Else is based on the contradiction that exists between what we believe or wish we are and our instincts. The sudden wandering of an eye, a discreet redness on the skin, a moist or trembling hand… Such physical distortions reveal our inner distortions; they show traces of the offset between our self image – conditioned and domesticated – and our deepest impulses. “I Am Someone Else” was created out of a feeling of entrapment generated by conventions. This work tries to update the multiplicity and ambiguity of the being hiding under the varnish.

    “My life has a little aftertaste of confusion. I am not what I present to the world. What I want to say has nothing to do with what comes out of my mouth. I keep a tight rein on my comments and gestures, I don’t spontaneously leap onto object of my desire, and my body doesn’t liquefy when I fail. I stay upright. Smiling. Sociable. I have my pride. But underneath, I’m an ambiguous, hazy zone. I am everything and its opposite. I am vegetable, animal, matter in the making. I am another.”

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    • Choreography Catherine Gaudet

    • Performers Dany Desjardins + Caroline Gravel

    • Lighting design Frédérick Gravel

    • Production lorganisme

    • Coproduction La Chapelle