Caroline Laurin-Beaucage

Habiter sa mémoire

  • Length: 4 hours

    Choreographer and dancer Caroline Laurin-Beaucage takes her creation studio outdoors and invites the public to witness the birth of her next solo in real time. For four hours daily, occupying a transparent 12-by-12-foot box without walls, she creates a dance that plunges her back into the heart of her trajectory as a performer, bringing all of her body’s memories to the surface. In this circumscribed but open space, she simultaneously conceives and performs the movements, each of these becoming a little work in itself. The creation/performance, a pilgrimage on a path through different places, is intended to induce an exceptional contact between spectators and artist. Invited to gather around the box throughout the day, spectators are front row and centre as they watch a dance that constantly evolves under the effects of time and the environment. During each performance of Habiter sa mémoire, Caroline Laurin-Beaucage relays her private thoughts as she dances in vocal memos, attempting to express the unique aspect of each encounter and each part of the performance. At the end, these memos are compiled and reworked by a sound designer. On each occasion, passersby have access to a sound recording that recaptures the performer’s entire experience.

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    • Conception, choreography and performance Caroline Laurin-Beaucage

    • Conception and technology integration Thomas Payette + HUB Studio

    • Scenography Odile Gamache

    • Sound design and Recording Larsen Lupin

    • Artistic Advisor Ginelle Chagnon

    • On-Site accompaniment and coordination Ginelle Chagnon + Ingrid Vallus

    • Costumes Caroline Laurin-Beaucage

    • Technical director Hugues Kir

    • Coproduction Hector-Charland Theatre

    • Residences Centre d'art Diane-Dufresne + Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique + Maison pour la danse à Québec