Caroline Laurin-Beaucage

Habiter nos mémoires

Habiter nos mémoires, Place des Arts, Montreal, 2021 © Robin Pineda Gould

  • With Habiter nos mémoires, the choreographer and dancer Caroline Laurin-Beaucage pursues her quest for physical truth in this unifying version of her emblematic project Habiter sa mémoire. On the Esplanade de la Place des Arts, in the heart of the Quartier des Spectacles, eight women of different generations and backgrounds, all dancers and creators, take turns performing solos in the cube.

    For one hour, three days in a row, each of the eight women revisits her personal journey as a dancer and woman, for a total of 24 hours of performance. To complete the live show, audiences use their phones to access a voice archive where various impressions, thoughts and memories were gathered by the performers.

    In this choreographic marathon, creation and performance are simultaneous; the simple act of being present becomes a performance, inviting the audience to an introspection in movement.

    A Danse Danse presentation in collaboration with CCOV.

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