Amélie Rajotte


  • Length: 50 minutes

    Carne levare means to remove flesh.

    Amélie Rajotte invites us to a choreographed purification ritual, during which we unveil what is hidden beneath the persona : the social masque we all wear. Carnaval is a living painting that throws our human search for meaning into relief, and which asks us to turn our attention on our relationship with death and the divine. A stolen moment with a sense of immortality, when we escape ourselves to ward off ill fate.

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    • Creation Amélie Rajotte

    • Performers Nicolas Labelle + Nicolas Patry + Jessica Serli + Ashlea Watkin

    • Visual Artist Julie Artacho

    • Dramaturge and Rehearsal Director Sophie Michaud

    • Sound Designer Émilie Bernard

    • Lighting Designer Paul Chambers

    • Production Director Maude St-Pierre Léonard

    • Technical Director Maxime Bouchard

    • Coordination Support Marie-Laurence Rock

    • Residencies Centre de création O Vertigo + Conseil des arts de Montréal