Catherine Gaudet

Au sein des plus raides vertus

  • Length: 60 minutes

    Four children are trapped without being aware of it. Torn between the call of the light and that of the bottom of the gutter, they go around in circles, twisted and crawling. Their uncertain path unfolds like the carving of a sculpture. Their monstrosity is beautiful; their purity, always dirty. The scene plays over and over again, eternal, deepening the groove in an anxiety-provoking spiral where unconscious fears wear a mask of good will and noble intentions. Au sein des plus raides vertus is a small window looking onto the grandiose, tragic passage of humanity on Earth, suspended somewhere between a quest and the loss of faith.

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    • Choreography Catherine Gaudet

    • Dancers and artistic collaborators Dany Desjardins + Francis Ducharme + Caroline Gravel + Annick Hamel + Gaétan Nadeau

    • Rehearsal mistress and Dramaturgy assistant Sophie Michaud

    • Sound design and Original music Jacques Poulin-Denis

    • Lighting Alexandre Pilon-Guay

    • Co-producers Festival TransAmériques + Le Phénix de Valenciennes