Susannah Haight on linterface

artist in digital residence

portrait de Susannah Haight, artiste en résidence dans le cadre des résidences numériques de linterface, laboratoire d'exploration et d'expérimentation numérique en danse.

We are happy to welcome Susannah Haight for our third digital residency dedicated to emerging artists on linterface, from February 21 to April 1st.

Susannah is a multidisciplinary artist whose research focuses on movement and performance in the digital sphere. Interested in the concept of hybridity, her work combines dance and performance art with different mediums such as digital art, film, photography, fashion, painting, textiles and design. The goal of her collaborations with artists outside the dance milieu is to create poetic alternative worlds.

She has had the pleasure of creating original performance work for  international fashion designers Paloma Wool (Barcelona, Spain), KARA NYC (New York, USA) and Rua Carlota (London, England). And has had the opprotunities to work as a freelance dancer with  Compagnie Marie Chouinard, Andrea Peña and Caroline Laurin Beaucage.

From Toronto, Susannah will use her time of residency to deepen her research on the digital body. For the next 6 weeks, you will be able to follow her explorations through her creation journal. Also, we invite you to watch The Rendez-vous, a short film she directed and shot in super 8 in the platform’s Club Video.