eryn tempest on linterface

glitch artist in residence

Portrait d'Eryn Tempest

To begin the year, we are thrilled to welcome eryn tempest on linterface for our second digital residency dedicated to emerging artists.

eryn tempest is a Canadian choreographer, film maker, and glitch artist currently splitting their time between Edmonton and Montréal. They are engaged in practices around softness, transformation and disruption.

Through their artistic work with glitch (digital error that fragments images), eryn explores the edges of embodiment, attempting to parse the poetics of being through the phenomenon of digital rupture. They are interested in glitch as a radical embodied stance against capitalist notions of efficiency and function. In spite of efforts to the contrary, all things eventually break, and all bodies succumb to their own forms of generation loss. Glitch is a way of celebrating this brokenness, a way to build new stories around mal/dys-function and new worlds for our bodies to live inside.

eryn’s work has been presented by Festival International du Film Sur L’Art, Tangente, Vous Êtes Ici/You Are Here (La Serre), Mile Zero Dance (Alberta), at Nextfest (UK) and Expanse (Alberta) festivals , and during the  Shooting Gallery Performance Series (BC).

Six of their creations combining video, media art, performance, dance and science fiction can be discovered in linterface’s “Club Vidéo”.