ernesto filho on linterface

resident artist from São Paulo

Portrait d'Ernesto Filho, artiste bré

At the invitation of Caroline Laurin-Beaucage, we are welcoming Ernesto Filho for a digital residency on linterface.

Ernesto Filho is a Brazilian and queer artist who lives in São Paulo. His/her work, carried out in collaboration with several artists, combines film editing, dance, improvisation and performance, often in public places.

In 2018, Ernesto arrived in Montreal to pursue a doctoral research on Cinema under the direction of Canadian philosopher Erin Manning at Concordia University. A few days before the first confinement due to the COVID-19 pandemic, his/her meeting with Caroline Laurin-Beaucage led to a collaboration and artistic correspondence between São Paulo and Montreal.

Ernesto is the author of 3 art films: Pas ce soir, shot almost entirely inside his/her apartment in São Paulo and inspired by the work of the French song artist Brigitte Fontaine; Is love jailed? created with the artist Julia Feldens with images captured over five years in different parts of Brazil; and Print, an experimental short film highlighting the words of the Brazilian rapper Novíssimo Edgar. (Available in the “Club Video”).

During 4 weeks, through daily video sharing on the creation journal, the artist will look at different aspects of his/her daily life in São Paulo and how it is currently affected by the societal and political upheavals in his country, Brazil.