Private: Catherine Gaudet

Private: L’affadissement du merveilleux

  • Several steps back in retrospect, a gaze free of affect, focused on exploring the life-giving impulse that drives humanity and depicting its obsessive cycles. A succession of endless recurrences, births, deaths, and rebirths, L’affadissement du merveilleux is a dizzying attempt to portray that which transcends us, supported by five dancers.

    The presentation of Tout ce qui va revient in the La Chapelle Scènes Contemporaines series in March 2018 marked the end of a cycle. Catherine Gaudet is shifting away somewhat from her previous work, dispensing with theatricality based on human relational aspects. But at the heart of her creative approach is an effort to dig beneath the social mask, and as always a strong dose of ambiguity shades the aesthetics of hesitation.

    In this new opus she focuses on cycles as a universal structure. To give them tangible shape, she uses the circular form– spatial, internal, instinctual… – as a backdrop. More geometric and refined, these postures nonetheless convey a profoundly human experience very much attuned to the other.

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    • Choreographer Catherine Gaudet

    • Performers Dany Desjardins, Francis Ducharme, Caroline Gravel, Leïla Mailly, James Phillips

    • Music Antoine Berthiaume

    • Assistant dramaturge and rehearsal director Sophie Michaud

    • Lighting Alexandre Pilon-Guay

    • Sound and technical direction Olivier Chopinet

    • Internship performer Marie-Philippe Santerre

    • Co-production Agora de la danse, Centre chorégraphique national de Tours (CCNT)

    • Creative residencies Agora de la danse, Centre chorégraphique national de Tours (CCNT), Centre de création o vertigo, Compagnie Marie Chouinard, École de danse Louise Lapierre, Maison de la culture Frontenac