Caroline’s editorial

The multiple bodies of dance

Autoportrait de Caroline Laurin-Beaucage

Selfportrait © Caroline Laurin-Beaucage

“In these times of transformation where our artistic practice has been evolving in fits and starts for the past two years, I believe that we need more than ever to shine, to become a source of radiation, in all possible forms. The call to use technology and the web to perform, along with the motto “reinvent yourself”, has been questioning and provoking, leaving a bitter aftertaste. However, I was aware that many dance artists were already embracing this type of work. A self-taught practice that often found itself on social networks, being seen and shared in the labyrinth of the web. Within the scope of Linterface project, launched this past September, I discovered perspectives and choreographic writings that did not replace the pleasure of the dancers’ physical presence, but that allowed me to approach questions about the body and its affects in a unique way. They have touched me, awakening my imagination and my senses. In Linterface, I see a springing up environment where these emerging voices are welcomed. A virtual space offering visibility among us as peers, but also finding its place in the digital landscape next to other artistic practices. A place to reflect, exchange and get inspired. A place to get one’s feet wet and develop a better understanding of this unique interaction between dance and technology. I think dance can afford to be a multiple body and I notice that dance artists bring a singular and embodied sensibility to their use of technology and digital media, which is unique to our discipline. I thank all the artists in residence who dared to venture with us, you made me travel during these precarious times.”

Editorial by Caroline from lorganisme newsletter, April 2022.