artistic representation

a new mission for sebastien provencher

portrait du chorégraphe Sébastien Provencher

© Caroline Désilets

« These past two years have forced us to isolate ourselves, we lost the possibilities of meeting and being together enabling us to dream about the future. On the other hand, this forced downtime allowed us to realize how much the contact with others is at the core of our artistic language.

This interruption also allowed to shed light on Lorganisme’s purpose, or “raison d’être” in Quebec’s dance landscape ; a structure where our practices are thought and imagined in community rather than in competition and in silos. Ten years ago, our operating model was atypical, going against the traditional way of establishing a company. Even today, Lorganisme stands out for its way of envisioning the sharing of resources and knowledge. The micro-society that we form within this structure allows us to constantly question our ways of doing things, review our production methods and to feel supported by our peers.

Succeeding Anne Thériault, I like to consider this artistic representation mission in resonance with the way my colleagues have imagined this company for the past ten years. I continue to see Lorganisme as an incubator for new ideas, new models, new projects open to the community, to dance communities, all tinged with the diversity of the respective practices of its five members – Anne, Amélie, Caroline , Sovann and myself – all forming the richness of this structure.

Let us reiterate the need for more company models similar to ours in the current dance landscape. Let’s use the plural force of this vehicle to continue to imagine dance rooted in its communities, in tune with the complexities of the current world in which we evolve as artists, as humans.

Long live Lorganisme ! »

– Editorial by Sebastien Provencher from lorganisme newsletter, September 2022.