La Collab

Street dance and music battle

Une danseuse et un musicien du battle de street dance La Collab

La Collab is a battle that brings together artists from different dance backgrounds (street dance, club dance and contemporary dance) and the music scene (jazz, soul, hip-hop). Initiated and hosted by Sovann Rochon-Prom Tep (Lorganisme), this battle is the Montreal adaptation of The Colab event – organized yearly in France since 2016 as part of the hip-hop dance festival, Who got the flower?! Drawing on the rules of French battle, La Collab puts dancers and musicians on the same playing field in a friendly, fun and open-to-families context.


Production Lorganisme

Artistic direction Sovann Rochon-Prom Tep

Guest Dancers

Marie-Reine Kabasha ‘M Queen’
Valmont Harnois ‘Ignite’
Achraf Maadaoui Terrab ‘Eywaa’
Eli-Anne Ross ‘Rawss’
Nindy Banks ‘Banks’
Alexandre Philippe-Beaudoin ‘Bibiman’
Samuel Cyr ‘Mass’
Socrate Eyoum ‘Socrate’


Nadine Altounji (guitar and oud)
Émile Farley (bass guitar)
Elli Miller Maboungou (percussions)
Melissa Pipe (baritone saxophone)
Rachel Therrien (trumpet)
Vithou Thurber-Prom Tep (keyboard)
Thomas Sauvé-Lafrance (drum)
Elyze Venne-Deshaies (saxophone)


Natasha Jean-Bart ‘Tash’
Axelle Munezero ‘Ebony’
Elon Höglund ‘Wandering Spirit’

At La Chapelle – scènes contemporaines, February 25th